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Anastasia Bazzett: MSC Supervisor,  QIDP                                                                          
 ph. 585-861-6817 ext. 14                                                                                               

With over ten years of experience working in socials services, Anastasia Bazzett has assisted the public in several capacities including supervising child and family services, providing case management for individuals with developmental disabilities, serving as a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional, and working in local government. As a highly motivated, creative thinking, and detailed professional, Anastasia is committed to providing quality services to both the individuals she serves and providers with whom she collaborates. Anastasia is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a B.A. in Sociology and Area of Specialization in the Inequality of Race and Gender.

Rachel Beldue: Medicaid Service Coordinator                                                                                                                            ph. 585-861-6817 ext. 7                                                                                          

Julia Engstrom: Medicaid Service Coordinator                                                                                                                           ph. 585-861-6817 ext. 4                                                                                                

Sharon Hawkins: Medicaid Service Coordinator                                                                                                                  ph.  585-861-6817 ext. 17                                                                                                      

Diann Holley:  Medicaid Service Coordinator
ph. 585-861-6817 ext. 2                                                                                                       

Diann Holley has been working with individuals with developmental disabilities for over 13 years. Her vast work experience includes community day habilitation, in-home respite, residential services and manger of day hab services for individuals in a partial work skills unit. Diann has worked as a Medicaid Service Coordinator since 2009 and has an Associate degree in Social Science. She will be pursuing a Bachelor degree in the field of Social work in the near future.

Brittenye Newsome: Medicaid Service Coordinator, IntakeCoordinator                                                                                                                                                                    ph. 585-861-6817 ext. 16                                                                                                   

Jennifer Porras:  MSC Supervisor
ph. 585-861-6817 ext. 5                                                                                                  

Jennifer Porras began working with individuals with developmental disabilities as a Respite Worker during the summer of 2006 while obtaining her Associates degree in Criminal Justice. Her continued professional development and enjoyment of working with individuals with developmental disabilities lead to her interest in Service Coordination. Jennifer has now been a Medicaid Service Coordinator since 2008 and is an avid advocate for the families she serves. Jennifer graduated from Nazareth College with a Bachelors of Social Work in the Spring of 2013.

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